Spring Fever {Flower Planter}

I thought with this nice weather finally coming around (mother nature I’m talking to you!) and my tulip buds slowly starting to bloom, wouldn’t it be great to build a planter? Or rather have my fiancé build it and I would just paint it (have to give credit to where credit it due).

My inspiration came from the LANTLIV plant stand from IKEA.  I almost bought it if it wasn’t $69.99.  A little too expensive if you ask me…so naturally I thought why not try to make it.

I thought about using some of the skid pallets I have lying around in the garage from my last project (Skid Shelf), but not all the pieces are in great shape so off to Home Depot we went.  We bought four 2×4’s and six 1×4’s.

It took a couple of hours to build and lets face it it doesn’t exactly resemble the IKEA plant stand, but it’ll do.

After a failed staining attempt–it came out way too dark for what I was going for, I decided to paint it a solid colour instead.  Since we’re completing our laundry room at the same time we have a lot of primer left over, so I decided to first paint the completed planter all white.  Once it dried, I painted most of it with a colour we picked up earlier at HD called Spring Morn.  Once that dried I lightly sanded it down to give it a beachy/aged look (also very spring-like).





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