Welcome to my little corner of the world.  My name is Paulina and this is where I can let my creative soul run free.

I am obsessed with organizing, I love design and I have a passion for turning a house into a home. Particularly our home!  My husband and I are learning how to fix, build and repair–oh and how to use power tools.

This past year has been a busy one and we have no plans to slow down.  As we embark on this new journey, called married life I plan to chronicle our adventures of domestic bliss and this thing called life.

I am inspired by rustic design with a modern take; I am a travel enthusiast; a culinary novice and am constantly finding inspiration in the little things.

This lifestyle blog is about me trying and learning and if failing, trying again.

So please join me in getting inspired (or learn from my mistakes) and feel free to share your tips, advice and comments!

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Laura @WelcomeToGrandCentral says:

    How do you make the signature at the end of your post?
    Also, would you consider making your blog title 3 separate words?
    Love interacting with a fellow Adelle!


    • silverwaterpearls says:

      Hey! I think I googled “free typography” and downloaded the program (don’t remember the name of the program–sorry!) Then I saved it in word and “inserted the media” in my post. Hope this helps! I thought about making the title three separate words…to be honest I wanted just the first letters of each of the words capitalized…but I’m limited with this theme.


      • Laura @WelcomeToGrandCentral says:

        I replied to your Q about social media icons over in the Commons. If you can’t locate my reply, let me know. My email is wtgc115@gmail.com.
        Feel your pain for the all caps title.
        Thanks for the info!


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