One Room Challenge: Week 2

This past week has been physically taxing! A week ago, I linked up with One Room Challenge to make over one room in my house over a six week period and document the progress.

I was so excited to tackle our laundry room and get it completed, but before I could get to the fun part (shopping for paint, shelves, and other decor to put some life into this space) we had to put up drywall, tape the seams, apply compound, sand the seams, apply compound, sand the seams…and once everything was smooth paint the entire space with two coats of primer.

With the help of my dad we got a lot done this past week.

1.)  We moved the washer and dryer out of the space (its Thursday and our appliances are still in the foyer)


2.)  We put up drywall and started to tape, apply compound and sand.  We did this about three times to make sure all the seams and corners were just perfect (or near perfect).  This was my least favourite job!


3.)  Next, we painted the entire space with two coats of primer (the picture shows just one coat of primer).

4.)  Since we opted for the less expensive folding door that came in an ugly green/khaki colour I decided to paint it pure white with trim paint.  It’s a good thing the paint dried fairly quickly so I was able to do about three coats in one night.


5.)  Finally, we got to paint the entire space with our chosen colour from Benjamin Moore.  Last week I mentioned that I was going for a fresh feel and look –perhaps a pale sky blue or sea foam green.  After careful consideration we decided to go with Genesis White.  When we opened the can of paint I was confused.  I thought they gave us pure white, but when we tried it on the wall you could see a tinge of grey.  In fact, it looks like a very pale/baby blue grey.  I love it! It has a very spa-like and calming feel to it.

Stay tuned to see more next week and don’t forget to check out the other participants’ projects!

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To Paint or to Wallpaper?

When we moved into our home a year ago it was a blank slate.  In fact it still very much is.  Our walls are still white and we have next to no wall decorations.  We’ve been tackling our home room by room.  Starting with the very important kitchen– they say it’s heart of the home.  And I must agree.  Next we focused on our living room.  A BESTÅ TV wall unit from IKEA made all the difference.  Our bedrooms are still a work in progress.

But we figured we should move on to the foyer as it is the first space you see when you enter our home.  We are looking to paint the walls (or wallpaper) and they lead up the stairs to the kitchen and living room, which are partially finished spaces.

In our foyer we currently have a rustic bench that we found in an antique shop (love it!), a beige rug and the shelf we made from skid pallets (please see Skid Shelf on how to make).

As you can see there is a lot of white! While I was never a huge fan of bright or dark colours on walls (I much rather have colour in my accent pieces) I can’t wait to paint this area and get rid of all the white.

Lately, I’ve been into metallic wallpaper and I hope it’s here to stay.  There are some really nice neutral wallpaper with delicate shimmer accent or patterns available at a variety of retailers.  And I do think that the bigger patterns work well even in small spaces, so I am not opposed to considering them.

    My conservative and calculated side tells me to stay within my comfort zone and stick with what I know.  Which means neutrals.  I love “cooler” tones (grey with blue undertones).  These type of colours are soothing, they go with anything and they make the space feel fresh and clean.  And in my perspective you can always warm up a space with greenery –seasonal flowers and plants.

I love the Harbor Gray and hopefully I can build up enough courage to paint one accent wall Steel Wool.

Ideally I would like to incorporate both paint and wallpaper into our foyer.  I feel comfortable with a grey paint colour but would like to combine the texture of a wallpaper.

It may take a while before I decide what to do with this space, but I’ll be sure to show you the finished product!