Free Printables for a Country-Themed Bridal Shower


In a previous post I had shared with you my bridal shower.  It was a lovely day with lots of fresh flowers, baked goods and little sayings/instructions propped up on silver stands.  Today, I’m including these as free printables for you to use on your special day!

For the following just click on the image, print on card stock and voilà!

Advice & Wishes

Advice & Wishes

Banana Bread 3

Banana Bread

Guess Eggs

How Many Eggs?

Sweet Iced Tea

Ice Tea

To get these seating chart templates, simply download the file and insert your guests names, date and print.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.48.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.25.28 AM

Bridal Shower Seating Chart Teapot Template

Bridal Shower Seating Chart TeaCups Template

To get this sweet Thank You tag template click on the below link. Then simply print them on clear labels, cut them to size and place them on any tag of your choice.  Bridal Shower Tag Template


The favours were mini banana breads for which I had bought mini brown polka dot looking lunch bags and wrapped them with twine for individual packages.

IMG_3427 IMG_4710

Lastly, here is the template for the “Love is Sweet” dessert table signs.



Simple Yet Sophisticated Entryway {Using Free PARA Paint: Must Read}


IMG_4941A few months ago I wrote about my white and very boring entryway in a post titled To Paint or to Wallpaper.  I played around with the idea of using a single solid paint colour throughout or trying out a metallic-type wallpaper.

After several months (I never said I was a quick decision maker) and already utilizing metallic wallpaper in our Clean and Crisp Laundry Room I knew I wanted a solid colour throughout.

During this time I had also entered a FreebieFriday contest with PARA Paints on Facebook.  Contestants had to answer a simple question regarding decorating/painting and the best answer would win.  Sounds simple!

Well I was ecstatic to learn that I had won! Not only because I rarely ever win anything but because I had finally decided to paint this boring space and now I was going to get the chance to try out PARA Paints–a product I’ve heard so much about.  And yes little things in life get me excited and winning a gallon of paint is definitely one of them.

I went to my local PARA Paints dealer and knew exactly the colour I wanted.  Call me a cop out but I wanted them to replicate Revere Pewter by BM.  I wasn’t taking any chances choosing the wrong colour for our entryway and this colour is described as the “best paint colour ever” by Pinterest users.

So how did I like it?  This paint was amazing to work with.  A gallon went a long way with this product–I covered our entire entryway, the walls up the stairs and the hallway/landing on the second floor with two coats!

The colour is perfect too.  It goes extremely well with white trim, baseboards and doors and looks so sophisticated and calming with our hardwood stairs in graphite.  I am so pleased.
IMG_2860 IMG_2863
Before:  Yellowish and drabIMG_3387IMG_5522After: Colour more subdued and sophisticated.

We already had the rug, wood bench and a few other decor pieces in this space, but we were missing something on the wall above the bench.

After careful consideration (and probably more time spent than necessary) I decided to make this my fiancé’s “gallery wall.”  He has challenged himself by taking a picture a day for 365 days, which you could check out here.  So I thought what a great idea to get some of his pictures printed and displayed.


IMG_4937  IMG_5461

Other than printing and hanging a few more pictures along the way, I am happy to say that this space is done!

Let me know what you think! And please feel free to leave a comment, advice or suggestion.

And I urge everyone to check out the PARA Paints page on Facebook for their FreebieFriday contest and painting techniques.  There’s so much to learn!

Lovely Country-Themed Bridal Shower


A couple of weeks ago I had my bridal shower.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and with the help of my amazing bridesmaids the event went off without a hitch.

We had a delicious meal, played a few games and had fantastic dessert (courtesy of my bridesmaids and my fiancé’s mom).

The favours were homemade mini banana breads wrapped in brown poka dot bags from Creative Bag with twine and personalized tags.


The centrepieces were a simple bouquet of seasonal flowers of white, green and yellow colours.  They were bought from the local grocery store and arranged into small tear drop vases purchased from the dollar store.  And yes they were stored in my newly renovated laundry room as it is also the coolest room in our house!


IMG_4731 IMG_4733

The prizes included lemon scented candles and soaps from Bath and Body Works–and we even found a golden honeycomb and rooster wallflower to match the country theme!

pBBW1-17777896v275 pBBW1-17830634v275IMG_4735

I have to admit the most memorable and talked about game was “Celebrity Weddings–Guess the Couple.”  One of my bridesmaids had the brilliant idea of pasting our faces on celebrity couples on their wedding day.  The objective was to guess which celebrity couple it was by identifying their dresses.  It was a hit!  Here are a few close ups of the couples with our faces….can you guess who they are?

IMG_9801  IMG_9802  IMG_9803IMG_9805 IMG_9808 


Overall the day was a success and so special! I feel so blessed and couldn’t have asked for better friends and family to spend the day with–thank you to everyone who came and for those who weren’t able to but sent their well wishes!

Here are a few more pictures of the hard work my bridesmaids put into the decor and treats–look at that stunning wedding dress cake (thank you S!)

IMG_4737 IMG_4743 IMG_4752 IMG_9798  IMG_9824 IMG_9812

Answers for the celebrity couple game are:  Yoko Ono and John Lennon; Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel; John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette; Fergie & Josh Duhamel; and Prince William and Kate Middleton

One Room Challenge: Week 6 {The Final Reveal of a Clean and Crisp Laundry Room}


Hi Everyone!

This is a bittersweet post– on the one hand I get to reveal my newly renovated crisp and clean laundry room, but on the other hand it’s the end of the weekly linking event with the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda over at CallingItHome.

This has been such a fun experience and I’ve “met” so many talented and inspiring women who have worked so hard on making over their rooms.  You have to check them out here.  I swear these makeovers need to be in a magazine!

Six weeks ago I decided to makeover our unfinished laundry room.  If you need to catch up you can click

week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5

Today it looks like this!
IMG_4338The countertop is custom-made and is the most expensive piece in the room, but it was well worth the money –I mean look at the size of it!

 IMG_4316IMG_4335IMG_4321IMG_4324 IMG_4333

IMG_4334 IMG_4337

The “wash, dry, fold” picture is a free printable I got off of Debbie Doo’s website.  IMG_4348All you guys need to check out the other participants’ reveals today …click here!

One Room Challenge: Week 5

I can’t believe we are in week 5 of 6 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home. This has been such a great experience and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed linking up with the ORC.

Next week is the final week and I am über excited to reveal our laundry room reno.  I don’t have many pictures to show you today because I’d be spoiling the reveal, but I will show you the initial inspiration for our modern, clean, chic and sophisticated laundry room.

I particularly love the light, crisp, airy colours and feel of these laundry rooms.

I knew I wanted a feature wall so I opted for a metallic modern wallpaper.  And of course you need storage and hooks–and these chicken wire baskets and quick DIY hooks are pretty and practical.


IMG_2581 IMG_4267

Don’t forget to come back next week and check out the big reveal! And click here to see the other very talented and extremely hardworking participants and their projects!!

One Room Challenge: Week 4

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the last few weeks and commented! Your words of encouragement are so thoughtful and motivating.  This is my first time participating in anything like this in the blogosphere and I am amazed at how supportive everyone is–what a great experience!

In case you haven’t heard, I am participating in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling it Home.  Please click here to check out the other 83 very talented and hard-working participants.   If you want to see my progress over the last three weeks click week 1, week 2 and week 3.

We’re in week 4–two weeks to go from the final reveal!

I’ve started to look for small decor pieces.  I particularly like the chicken wire baskets that you can find almost anywhere now.  These are a few I found at Walmart.

IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2583

I like the first picture (although I would spray paint them black) but they come in three and I’m not sure I need three chicken wire baskets.

Originally I thought about getting the all white floating shelf from IKEA, but now I’m rethinking this and wondering whether the I should go with the silver one.  Hmmm…any thoughts?

This will meet my shelving needs (believe me I don’t need much more in our laundry room).

I also found this decorate flower pot from the Superstore that looks just like the IKEA Skurar one, but for a fraction of the cost.  Who would have thought that you can find something cheaper than IKEA?!


Lastly, I used an old skid plank we had and mounted three hooks to it.  I plan to use this to hang the ironing board from.

IMG_3790 IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_4267

The hooks and the plank haven’t been installed onto the wall yet, but please come back next week and check out my progress.  And don’t forget to check out what the other participants have going on over at Calling it Home